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Dunbartonshire MI

Monumental Inscriptions  |  Dunbartonshire MI

Dunbartonshire MI. A4, 206pp.

Total Price: 11.00

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Dunbartonshire Pre-1855 for Alexandria, Arrochar, Bonhill, Cardross, Cumbernauld, and Dumbarton Bridgend churchyards, Dumbarton Cemetery, Dumbarton churchyard, Faslane Burial Ground, Gartshore Quaker, Helensburgh Cemetery, Kilmahew (Cardross), Kilmaronock churchyard, Kirkintilloch Auld Aisle, Kirkintilloch Cemetery, Kirkintilloch St Mary's, Kirkintilloch Orchard, Luss, New Kilpatrick, Old Kilpatrick churchyards, Renton, Rhu (Row), Roseneath, Tarbet churchyards and Vale of Leven Cemetery. A4, 206pp.

The pre-1855 rule: - If any stone indicates a birth, marriage or death pre-1855 then the stone will be recorded in its entirety. If a stone indicates no birth, marriage or death pre-1855, then it will not be recorded.
Dunbartonshire - Alexandria Parish Churchyard CD Rom

Price: 7.50

Dunbartonshire - Kilmaronock Parish MI

Price: 4.00

A5 acetate fronted book including Buchanan Memorial Burial Ground Inscriptions
Dunbartonshire - Millburn Churchyard Renton CDRom

Price: 7.50

Dunbartonshire MI - New Kilpatrick Churchyard Bearsden MI - CD

Price: 9.00

New Kilpatrick Churchyard Bearsden MI - CD set. Comprising Photographs and transcriptions of grave stones and lair map.

Monumental Inscriptions  |  Dunbartonshire MI

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