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A Dictionary of Medical & Related terms

Price: 9.99

A5, softback, Joan E. Grundy, Rotherham, 2006, ISBN 9780055345006
An Alphabet of Sources for the Scottish Family Historian

Price: 6.00

A5, softcover book listing many sources that might prove useful for the researcher.
Being English in Scotland

Price: 12.99

Softback book, by Murray Watson, EUP, 2003,ISBN 0746818597
Dating Old Army Photographs

Price: 5.95

Family History Partnership, by Robert Pols, 2011. ISBN 9781906280277
Family Record

Price: 4.00

A series of Family group sheets for members of both the father's nd mother's side. The central pages have a 5 generation pedigree chart for the mother's and father's ancestors. A4 softback. ISBN 9780947659912
Fife Council Archives Indexes

Price: 3.25

A5, 77pp, Covering the Dysart Combination Poorhouse Index 1868-1888 & Fife Constabulary Records - Index to Photo Criminal Register 1910-1920
Genealogy in the Gaidhealtachd

Price: 10.00

Clan & Family History in the Highlands of Scotland. Graeme M. Mackenzie, Highland Roots, Inverness, 2013, ISBN 978-1-904061-88-5
A Guide to Glasgow Addresses Part 1

Price: 4.00

A Guide to Glasgow Addresses Part 1 1700-1825, Merchant City, by Susan Miller. A5
Irish Family History - A Beginner's Guide

Price: 5.95

Irish Family History - A Beginner's Guide, Stuart A. Raymond, ISBN 9781906280567, A5, 48 pages
A Latin Glossary

Price: 3.50

A Latin Glossary for family and Local Historians, Janet Morris, A5, ISBN 9781906280185
My Ancestors were Congregationalists in England & Wales

Price: 3.90

My Ancestors were Congregationalists in England & Wales with a list of Registers, compiled D.J.H. Clifford, A5 softback, ISBN 0946789460
My Ancestors were English Presbyterians or Unitarians

Price: 4.95

My Ancestors were English Presbyterians or Unitarians, Alan Rushton, , 2001, ISBN 1903462215, A5
My Family History - record book

Price: 9.99

My Family History - A ten generation family research record book with pedigree charts. A4, a large pedigree chart.
Parishes, Registers & Registrars of Scotland. Maps: Parish Dates of Births, Marriages & Deaths

Price: 6.75

A list of all parishes in Scotland with the period covered by their brithe, marriage and death registers; maps of all the counties with parishes marked and a list of local registrars. A4.
Photography for Family Historians

Price: 4.95

Photography for Family Historians, Robert Pols, A5, 1998, ISBN 1860060897
Register of Corrected Entries

Price: 3.00

The Register of Corrected Entries amd its use for family historians, Ken Nisbet. A5. ISBN 978-1909341-02-9
Registers of the Secession Churches in Scotland

Price: 4.00

Registers of the Secession Churches in Scotland. A4, 81pp. A list of non-conformist parish registers to be found in the Kirk Session Records, National Archives of Scotland.
Researching Scottish Family History

Price: 7.95

Researching Scottish Family History, Chris Paton, 2010, Oxford, ISBN 9781906280222, A5 softback
Tracing Births, Marriages and Deaths at Sea

Price: 11.99

Tracing Births, Marriages and Deaths at Sea, Christopher T. & Michael J. Watts, A5, Softback, London, 2004, ISBN 1903462827
Tracing your Northern Ancestors

Price: 10.99

Tracing your Northern Ancestors - A guide to the north-east & Cumbria for the family historian, Keith Gregson, Paperback, Barnsley, 2007, ISBN 9781844155972
Tracing your Railway Ancestors

Price: 14.99

Tracing your Railway Ancestors - A guide for family historians, Di Drummond, A5, Paperback, Barmsley, 2010, ISBN 9781844158645
Weights and Measures

Price: 3.75

Weights and Measures for the Scottish Family Historian, D.R. Torrance, SAFHS, 2005, ISBN 1874722099
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